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µTorrent (uTorrent) 1.6

uTorrent is a BitTorrent client for Microsoft Windows
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µTorrent is a small, fast, clean and really powerful BitTorrent client application. It is a full featured, fully compatible BitTorrent client that offers every essential feature that other clients offer, such as download queues and scheduling of torrents, prioritization and selective file downloading (within a torrent), DHT or Distributed Hash Table support, automatic downloads via RSS and proxy support. The user interface of uTorrent is also the most simple, yet elegant and attractive. It doesn't offer unnecessary toolbar graphics other than basic 16x16 color icons, which can be skinned if you so desire, but the completely standards compliant UI and proper layout and typography make uTorrent the one of the most user friendly Torrent clients till date. Needless to say, everything is GUI driven - there's nothing that'll need you to use the command prompt or anything of that sort. This version has MANY improvements, among those being improved download/upload speeds, better handling of BitComets in the swarm, and a totally revamped disk caching system to protect your hard drives. Overall, µTorrent seems slick and well-built.

Claudio Sánchez
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  • Lightest, fast and resource friendly
  • Full-featured
  • Auto updating
  • Actively developed and improved
  • DHT support


  • No Mac/Linux version
  • No install/uninstall
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